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I snapped this photograph of a snowflake that landed on someone's sugarin' kettle. It was one of the last snowflakes of the season. It is one of those miracles God creates for His pleasure. In creating that tiny miracle, God provides us a small glimpse into His heavenly domain where miracles are not only a daily occurrence, but also where they descend by the billions!

Imagine heaven, where miracles are no longer called miracles because they are commonplace . . . even expected—after all, "hope that is seen is not hope." In heaven, we will no longer have pain, tears, fear, worry. But we will also no longer have hope. Hope is a word confined to the boundaries of physical creation, just as pain and fear and worry are. The believer's hope waits for him in heaven, and it is in heaven where hope will dissipate like the last snowflake of the season. When we find ourselves in the presence of Jesus Christ, hope becomes irrelevant. When Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would join Him in Paradise, it was a promise to a new believer that his hope would soon become inessential. This is because hope only exists in an unredeemed world.

Everyone hopes; even the faithless hope. However, hope that is not in Christ Jesus is aimless idolatry—a pursuit that promises pleasure but delivers discontent. The Bible speaks of a tangible hope that produces a breed of superhumans. It is this breed who stay the mouths of lions, quench the power of fire, heal the sick, and send enemy armies on the run. But this breed also transcends the persecution of stoning, being sawn in two, mocking, and scourging. This breed is a people the Bible calls saints, warriors, victors, but most importantly they are siblings of the blessed Hope, who is Christ Jesus. They are children of the living God, possessing divine DNA that regards hope as every promise fulfilled!

The believer's hope is sure and real, and the believer's reason for his existence is to carry the assurance of that hope for those who have yet to see what cannot be seen, but by Jesus Christ.

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