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White Mountains are calling

White Mountains

Did you know that a recent study has determined that 90% of Americans' time is spent indoors? Though we may never realize it until years from now, there are many far-reaching effects by our choosing to be entertained in-house. From poor air quality to a lack of sunlight exposure, staying indoors can produce unwanted side effects, including being a strong contributor to ADHD.

The White Mountains are calling. There are trails to be hiked, there are mountains to be climbed, there are lakes to be swum, and there are wonders to be seen. We have been created by an amazing God to thoroughly enjoy the nature that he spoke into being. Our last conference speaker, Dave McDonald, gave clear evidence of the majesty and immensity of the universe that is beyond our grasp, like the Pleiades referenced in the book of Job! But there is also an entire world within our grasp that God created for us to experience just a glimpse of Paradise. It is called nature.

Take some time this summer season to make yourself and your family go out of doors. Look up into the endless night sky and stand in awe of God's power. Find yourselves a trail to follow to somewhere mysterious and never before experienced. Show your children and grandchildren the beauty of running brooks or how a bee collects pollen from a wildflower.

These are all experiences that can happen at White Mountain Camps and Rumney Bible Conference. Rumney Bible Conference is where the created worship the Creator. And this is where we can all glorify the Lord of all creation while being out in His creation.

This summer we would love for you to join us at White Mountain Camps for the sake of your entire family. And when you come to Rumney, bring this fun list (to-do at camp) with you and see how many your family can accomplish. We look forward to seeing you here, and perhaps we can ogle the Pleiades together!

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